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Benefits of learning about Holidays Around the World.

Holiday celebrations opens the opportunity for children to learn about the traditions and values that are cherished parts of people's lives.

Learning about holidays around the world will teach your child about:

Family: Most holiday celebrations are times when extended families gather to enjoy special food, traditions, and one another.

Respect: Most cultures use holiday celebrations to honor their history and past. By explaining holidays to children, teachers and parents can help them understand and respect the sacrifices of people in history.

Love: Most celebrations include special foods, enjoyable activities, and a special focus on children. Children can learn that all people have a great love for their children and enjoy doing fun activities together, even if they have different looks, beliefs, and traditions.

In addition, you can do activities like:

· Doing a craft.

· Game or activity from a holiday from another country.

· Cook a holiday meal from a certain country.

· Tell story about a holiday that you been part of.

Learning about holiday celebrations around the world, helps children to develop an appreciation and understanding for what is important to their friends, neighbors, and other people they meet in the community.


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