School Aged Program

About the Program

At World Around Us Child Care, we provide quality care and additional education for your kids both before and after school!

Our goals for school-aged children reinforce what they’re learning in Kindergarten while giving them a chance to practice their new skills! Our teachers are enormously patient and have years of experience with childhood education and development.

At World Around Us Child Care, we work with your child to:

  1. Develop positive self-concept: to value oneself as a unique individual

  2. Maintain satisfying social skills such as playing and taking turns. We also work on building friendships and the skills to be a friend, which will last your child a lifetime! We also provide plenty of opportunities for kids to make choices.

  3. Grow and maintain effectiveness in communication skills, both verbal and non verbal – including:

  • Listening to others ideas

  • Being listened to

  • Contributing to discussions

  • Having interesting experiences and learning to express those experiences

  • Reading or be read to.

  • Spanish speaking and sign language skills
    Growing in knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the aesthetic world. We also help your children to use creative arts as a means to self-expression and forming thoughts by:

  • Using a variety of artistic media.

  • A very creative curriculum with a lot of hands on learning

  • Musical activities, puppetry, and dramatic play
    Experiencing math and number concepts, such as seeing relationships as part of a whole, making graphs and charts, and working with puzzles and shapes.


Before and After School Program Bussing

In North St. Paul, we’re in the bussing district for Richardson Elementary and Flex Academy bus to and from World Around Us. 

Summer Programs for School-Aged Children

Our fantastic summer program allows us to continue to work toward our goals for your children while also having exciting in-house field trips to experience both our community and the world around us! Contact us today to learn more!