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At World Around Us, we believe that child care, daycare and preschool should expand your child’s horizonsThe Creative Curriculum that we use does just that, and it’s the guiding tool for learning at both our White Bear Lake and North St. Paul locations.

The broad goals of this curriculum are to develop children physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and linguistically. The wonderful teachers at World Around Us track each child's development and create a portfolio. This portfolio includes parent-teacher Child Observation Records that map the child's growth and a journal to record experiences and insights from parents and teachers.

Also, at World Around Us we teach and learn through STEAM Education. This approach will teach your child to learn science, arts, math, technology, problem solving. In addition, this approach will help your child develop practical skills and will be empowered to become a curious learner.

We want to partner with you in your child’s education. So we make sure that parents are able to receive information about development and activities at any time from their child's teacher. We also welcome any questions or comments from you regarding our curriculum and lesson plans. We want to make your child’s experience as positive as we can!

World Around Us Childcare Center Children
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