Infant Program

About the program

Our Infant program provides an environment of constant wonder. We will be with your child as they transition through each new phase of their development. Our Infant Program features a low teacher-child ratio of 1:4. In order to better meet the needs of your child, we provide daily activities in the following categories:

  • Infant Sign Language

  • Reading Time

  • Sensory Experiences

  • Cuddle Time

  • Singing

  • ...and much more!!!

It is with pleasure that we, the staff in the infant program, welcome you and your child to our room. We are committed to our program and we try our best to respond to the changing needs of each child. You will be leaving your infant in a safe and comfortable environment, designed to stimulate and love them during all levels of their development.

Transition During the First Year

As your child progresses through their first year, their eating habits will gradually change. For example, once they begin to use their grasp reflex, we will give them a spoon to hold during feeding times. We begin turning the infants around to face the mirror while eating to help develop their hand to eye coordination. At approximately 10 to 12 months, we start to introduce your child to our table food, with your signed permission. Our trained cook prepares all of our meals in our very own commercial-grade kitchen!

Easy Transition for Your Infant to the Early Toddler Room

Your child may move to the Early Toddler program any time after 16 months of age – or when they are developmentally ready. We begin preparation for this in various ways. We encourage the use of child sized tables and chairs for lunch. We also have pull-up bars to assist children who are showing an interest in walking, as well as gym time and walks to encourage these skills. Play times on the infant playground become more frequent. Most importantly, we introduce plenty of visits with new teachers and children to make the transition more comfortable for you and your child.

Daily Parent Communication

We’re passionate about facilitating full communication between parents and our team of teachers. Two-way communication at this age really supports consistency for your child. In order to do this, we maintain daily sheets for each child which allow us to document information about your child's day and note changes of behavior or diet as they occur.

Nutritious and Healthy Diet

Here at World Around Us Child Care, we always strive to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Our in-house cook, Betty, prepares and serves two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), as well as afternoon snacks accommodating everyone's needs. We are able to offer substitutions if necessary. We focus on buying high quality products and follow USDA food & nutrition guidelines when it comes to creating the weekly changing menu. View our latest one here!

We encourage children to sample new foods and to at least taste what is being served. However, we allow the child to choose how much or little they want to eat in accordance with USDA recommended portions. 

We are more than happy to chat with you about specific requests you might have due to allergies or intolerances, religious or cultural reasons, or special dietary needs.

State-of-the-art Security System

In order to make sure that your child is under constant supervision and to maintain a safe environment, we have installed a state-of-the-art camera security system which keeps track of every move of your child throughout the day in and around our facility. The camera footage is monitored by our staff at the front desk and in the office.