Toddler Program

About the program

Our Toddler Room allows your child to enjoy their day in a safe environment in which they will learn to walk, share, and grow together!

Each toddler classroom has a teacher-child ratio of 1:7.

  • Sign language

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • Sensory experiences

  • Art expression

  • Group time

  • Sing-alongs 

  • Very own playground 

  • ...and much more!

Our Approach to Toddler Education

In the Toddler Program, we use The Creative Curriculum, which includes stories, songs, activities, and daily assessments that will uplift and educate even the most diverse learners.

Our Toddler Room provides a balance of self-directed and teacher directed learning. We learn English, Sign Language and Spanish. Each day, we have group time, art, discover time, large and small muscle time, and much more! We begin learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors and social skills. We encourage the use of child sized tables and chairs for meals. Play times on the Mover and Crawlers/Toddler playground become more frequent.

Your Unique Toddler

At World Around Us Child Care, we offer a variety of learning experiences that include physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Our philosophy rests on the promise that each child is a unique and special individual with varying interest, needs, and abilities. We strive to prepare an environment that will help each child develop to their fullest potential.

Daily Parent Communication

We’re passionate about facilitating full communication between parents and our team of teachers. Two-way communication at this age really supports consistency for your child. In order to do this, we maintain daily sheets for each child which allow us to document information about your child's day and note changes of behavior or diet as they occur.

Nutritious and Healthy Diet

Here at World Around Us Child Care, we always strive to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Our in-house cook, Linda, prepares and serves two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), as well as afternoon snacks accommodating everyone's needs. We are able to offer substitutions if necessary. We focus on buying high quality products and follow USDA food & nutrition guidelines when it comes to creating the weekly changing menu. View our latest one here!

We encourage children to sample new foods and to at least taste what is being served. However, we allow the child to choose how much or little they want to eat in accordance with USDA recommended portions. 

We are more than happy to chat with you about specific requests you might have due to allergies or intolerances, religious or cultural reasons, or special dietary needs.

State-of-the-art Security System

In order to make sure that your child is under constant supervision and to maintain a safe environment, we have installed a state-of-the-art camera security system which keeps track of every move of your child throughout the day in and around our facility. The camera footage is monitored by our staff at the front desk and in the office.