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Activities to do with your child to expose them to another culture.

Exposing your child to another culture is important, it will help them to learn about people different from themselves and will help develop how they view the world. Your child will empathize more with others.

Some activities you can do to expose your child to another culture are:

  • Attend cultural events that promote other countries traditions such as festivals, parades, etc.

  • Visit local restaurants that offer traditional food from other countries.

  • Talk to people from a different a country or culture and try to establish a friendship.

  • Watch movies and read books about other countries.

  • Visit museums and art galleries that have exhibits from different countries and cultures.

  • Download a language app that your child can play to learn new words and phrases of another language.

  • Host a dinner party inspired by another country, cook a traditional dish, and try to do some décor items that the country is known for.

Exposing your child to another culture will help them to acquire better social skills and studies have shown the positive impact on how successful they are as adults.


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