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How To Make Family Moments Count

In the blink of an eye, your kids go from being tender babies to young people.

In many occasions, daily obligations, work, and fatigue deprive us from relaxed moments and being in tune with the little ones of the house. Surely now that they’re small, we cannot imagine them as adults.

However, time flies, and it is important that as parents we learn to spend quality time with our children.

Family of four with two kids playing outside having fun


What is quality time and what it is not?

The quality lies in the fact of sharing and communicating. The child must be aware that he/she has an active role in this activity or situation. The feeling of being tended to, connected with, and believing that this is a moment of togetherness, is what makes it quality time. Furthermore, quality time is one in which the laughs and smiles, shared activities, and games are the protagonists.

Here are a few fun way.

The fun part of living in Minnesota is that we have so many opportunities for inside and outdoor activities. Now that it is getting colder, prepare the car, put on comfortable clothes, and enjoy a day in the Mall of America with your kids. Nickelodeon Universe® is a gateway to a fantasy world where attendees have everything from shows to attractions to ride to exciting live experiences.

Make sure to spend time with the kids though and not to leave them at the park alone.

Think about board games

There are hours of beautiful, fun games that give logic a form of thinking, strategy, construction, patience, and honesty. Also, when your children enter adolescence, you may have the opportunity to see that this is one of the few things they’ll continue to enjoy doing with you.

Reading Together

Reading to your child is also another fun way to spend time together. You can plan a daily reading period, even if it lasts only 10 minutes. This is also another opportunity to share ideas and values with your kids. Make sure to take time for it to calm yourself down as the sound of your voice as a parent is very crucial and has a great impact on your kids development.

Clean and Organize Together

One common trait amongst kids is their aptitude to be messy! For instance: having their entire toy bin emptied all over the playroom floor, and being ok with dragging them throughout the whole house. It's essential you start showing them how to organize their toys. Start one step at a time, so they’ll learn about the responsibility of caring for their things. Make it fun and turn it into a game. Your kids will love the effort you are making by showing them something valuable for their future life and you can enjoy a little extra help here and there.

Keys to achieving this connection:

Observe: Do not believe it is enough to simply watch your kids, but it is also crucial to notice what they’re doing and what they’re telling you through their behavior. Read the feelings that are present in each moment to help them recognize them, to manage them, and to develop emotional self-control.

Listen: Be attentive to understand what your kids are telling you with their words, their body language, their facial expressions, and their mood. This requires that you give them your full attention. Stop thinking of or doing other things and look them in the eye. Listening to to children does not necessarily mean giving advice or telling them what to do. Many times they want you to understand how they feel, and active listening without looking for the opportunity to respond is key.

Share: It is essential that we carry out activities with them as a team. For example, the routines of the house, school activities, and play spaces. When you share, you create a sense of belonging, and we teach them the importance of giving and receiving affection. It is these experiences that will create deep memories that will be present for the rest of their life.

At the End of The Day ...

...remember that you only have limited time to spend quality time with your child. Before you know they are all grown up, and forging lasting relationships early is key to having a solid foundation later in life.

The child needs your complete mental presence, your availability, your attention without tablets or smartphones. The attention you give to your children will become love, confidence, and security to them. Everything you give to your children today, they will give it to you later. Your kids need to know that they’re loved and understood, and above all, they’re welcome in your life. Do not forget it!

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