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The Power of Positive Parenting: Building Stronger Relationships with Your Children

What is Positive Parenting?

It's about guiding children to act the way you want by encouraging and teaching them. It's about helping children thrive by sending them the powerful message: You are loved, you are good, you matter.

Parent-child relationships have a powerful effect on a child's emotional well-being, basic coping and problem-solving abilities, and future capacity for relationships.

The 4 C's of Positive Parenting.

  • Choices

  • Consequences

  • Consistency

  • Compassion

Each is as important as the next, and none can be left out of effective parenting.

Parenting Techniques for Positive Parenting.

  • Have realistic expectations.

  • Discipline with kindness.

  • Help your children deal with their own string emotions, and help them feel seen and have a sense of belonging in your family.

  • Manage your own emotions, so that you interact with your children in a way that strengthens your relationship.

  • Empathize.

  • Turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

  • Lead by example.

At the end you know your child best, and you will know what it feels right to do.


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