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Benefits of Early Childhood Friendships.

Friendships benefit children by creating a sense of belonging and security and reducing stress. Child psychologist find early childhood friendships contribute to children’s quality of life and ability to adjust to changes within their environments as well.

Children can develop relationship skills that will cultivate deep, meaningful connections with others.

The following are ways that adults can help kids develop positive friendships:

· Model friendships skills.

Model good behavior whenever you interact with your own friends, children will watch how you interact with others. Try no never gossip and have positive interactions with your friends and family.

· Encourage friendships that are important to your child.

Schedule and encourage relationships that bring joy to your child’s life. Try to schedule play dates with the friend or friends your child likes to play with.

· Respect your child’s personality.

Let your child be who they are. Every child is unique and has specific needs. Encourage your child's uniqueness, this will also build confidence.

Friendships developed during preschool and early school years will help your child learn and practice skills related to social, cognitive, communicate, and emotional development.


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