Social and Emotional Skills

Children entering kindergarten should be able to take care of themselves and their personal things, as well as to be able to work independently.

General Social and Emotional Skills Checklist
  • Hang coat on a hook

  • Put on and take off shoes

  • Use the bathroom independently

  • Pick up toys and put them in appropriate places

  • Follow daily routine

  • Operate from caregiver and adjust to new settings

  • Choose activities independently

  • Join one or more children in play

  • Interact easily with familiar adults

  • Begin to recognize and respond to others emotions

  • Use words and phrases, such as "Can I play with you?", or "Please stop. I don't like that!"

  • Show increasing self direction and independence

  • Begin to establish a sense of family and tradition

Social and Emotional Skill-Builders

"I need to feel excited and comfortable about starting kindergarten.""

  • Let me know you're excited about me starting kindergarten.

  • Listen to my thoughts and ideas about school.

  • Help me pretend I am in school.

"I need to feel good about myself."

  • Pay attention to me and listen to my ideas.

  • Help me feel good about things I do.

  • Praise me for my strengths.

  • Be patient and let me develop at my own pace.

  • Teach me that all of my feelings are okay, but not all of my actions are okay.

  • Teach me ways to calm myself when I get frustrated.

"I need to know what kindergarten will be like."

  • Help me learn how to share with children, stand in a line, and wait my turn in a group.


"I need to get along with others."

  •  Show me ways to make new friends.

  • Help me understand how I can be friends with children who are different than me.

  • Teach me to use words when someone hurts my feelings, such as "Please stop. That hurts my feelings."


"I need to know how to talk and listen to others."

  • Talk with me about the things I find interesting.

  • Teach me how to know when it is my turn to speak and when I need to listen.

  • Teach me to use words to describe my feelings and needs, and when to use them.