Number Skills

Children entering kindergarten should be able to count, sort, classify, create patterns. They should also be able to identify colors and shapes around them and use language to describe math concepts.

Number Skills Checklist
  • Count objects, such as cups, when setting the table

  • Sort objects by color, size, or shape

  • Describe simple shapes

  • Identify colors

  • Play matching games

  • Use language to describe time, such as "today or tomorrow"

  • Describe people or objects using "big, little, short, tall, long" etc.

Number Skill-Builders

"I need to know shapes, sizes and colors."

  • Give me things to short my shape, size or color.

  • Help me find and name shapes and colors all around me.

"I need to learn to count and understand that numbers have meaning."

  • Help me play counting games

  • Let me count things at home

  • Show me how numbers are used around me