Language and Word Skills

Children entering kindergarten should be able to listen to stories and have conversations. They should be able to recognize their name, interact with stories, re-tell stories, and make guesses using pictures. Furthermore they should be able to hold a pencil, write their names, and express themselves using pictures.

General Language Skills Checklist
  • Listen and understand stories, conversations, and directions

  • Start conversations

  • Ask and respond to questions

  • Recognize rhyming words

  • Use a growing vocabulary

  • Recognize and name some letters of the alphabet, especially those in their own name

  • Guess what will happen next in a story using pictures as a guide

  • Begin to show an interest and understanding in written language by asking "What does that say?"

  • Use scribbles, shapes, and pictures to represent thoughts or ideas

  • Begin to copy or write their own name

Language and Word Skill-Builders

"I need to be familiar with words and books."

  • Teach me new words.

  • Show me words and symbols in my language and the sounds they make.

  • Read to me, take me to the library, and bring me books and magazines.

  • Sing songs and teach me rhymes.

  • Write down my words or stories as I tell you.